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Standards& Compliance

We support development, implementation and embedding of vehicle manufacturer and/or Industry repair standards. Compliance with customer service, estimating, production management, business systems and process, parts management, waste management, tools, equipment and technical competency are not tick box exercise.

Our structured approach for individual operators and networks maintain a focus on key business objectives;

• Duty of Care
• Network strategy
• Customer service, satisfaction and retention
• Repair quality and cost
• Repair methods and vehicle safety
• Technical competency & workflow management.
• Brand recognition

Our online program management systems simplify communication, resource accessibility, program tracking and bodyshop KPI.

WorkshopDesign & Planning

Workshop and facility plans are developed to meet specific business requirements. CAD plans focus on available space, capacity and capability to maximize workflow & efficiency. Planning is completed in conjunction with business stakeholders, operational managers, service providers and equipment suppliers.

Planning includes:
• CAD workshop layout and design
• Aluminium and electric vehicle isolation and quarantine areas
• Equipment placement and technical specifications
• Workbay set up, tool, equipment and technician allocation
• 5S layout and allocation


State and Territory approved training for the Damage Assessment Criteria for the Classification of Statutory Write-off’s of Passenger Light Commercial and Heavy Vehicles. 

The courses provide stakeholders with;

  • a clear understanding of the engineering principals applied in modern motor vehicle design and construction.
  • the knowledge and understanding of the damage assessment criteria to consistently identify and classify vehicles that have been deemed a total loss.

Courses are usually delivered at a salvage centre site to enable the use of damaged vehicles for practical demonstration and discussion.  Course topics include:

  • Legislation background.
  • Assessment and notification process
  • Assessment Criteria for Classification
  • Implementation

Training& Coaching

Onsite, in the business training & coaching on estimating and bodyshop management systems enabling the business to repair more cars faster and improve profitability.

From an initial operational assessment, production management and repair costing principals are applied in conjunction with business software systems. A bespoke coaching and training program can include if necessary us assuming control of the production planning process to develop implement and embed Standard Operating Procedures.

Estimating includes:
• Interpretation and application of manufacturer repair methods
• Vehicle Damage Assessment (VDA) to identify metal types & structural damage.
• Repair plan and costing
• Preparing for insurance assessment

Production Management includes:
• Repair method alignment to repair and refinish tasks.
• Plan repair and refinish tasks consecutively to minimise gaps during the repair cycle.
• Technician instruction and supervision
• Work in progress (WIP) tracking
• Quality Control
• Technician performance measures (KPI)

Tool & EquipmentSolutions

Direct supply agreements with major equipment manufacturers enable broad choice options and significant discounts for the business. Our agreements enable specialised installation, commissioning, training and service and agreements to support start up and ongoing maintenance.

In conjunction with workshop planning we provide a comprehensive workshop start up and development plan.

Equipment solutions can include but are not limited too;
• Bodyshop alignment and measuring systems
• Lifts and quick pull systems
• Workbay furniture
• Spraybooth, prep bay, mixing room and infra red systems
• Gunwash and recycleing systems
• Aluminium cabin and workbay
• Aluminium special tools & equipment
• General handtools
• Welding and riveting

KPI Measures& Analysis

Job data provided by the business or collected directly from a BMS is stored in accordance with GDRP requirements. Monthly KPI reports are provided to the business via email and secure dashboard.

Where required and permitted, network performance data is run in conjunction with manufacturer parc and mapping data to provide specific brand reports to support customer retention and revenue strategies.

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